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  1. Sep 28,  · Lanfrank takes Notice of Tract. 3. Doct. 3. cap. ſaying, "I have ſeen many who being full of Humours, have made an Iſſue under the Knee, before due Purgation had been premis'd; whence, by reaſon of the too great Defluxion of Humours, the Legs tumified, ſo that the cauterized Place corrupted, and a Cancer (or rather cacoethic Ulcer) was thereby made, with which great Difficulty was.
  2. Purgation may refer to. Inducing bowel movement with a laxative; The purification of the soul In this life, see State (theology); In Purgatory; Purgation, Trigger the Bloodshed album; In US patent law, purgation of misuse refers to discontinuance of a restrictive practice and dissipation of its adverse results – see B.B. Chemical Co. v. Ellis.
  3. Purgation is a stand-alone modular tomb perfect for adding to the Parkside Heath cemetery. Can be used as a mausoleum or similar environment for creepy, haunting scenes. The doors can be individually opened to reveal a basic interior and indivi.
  4. The Temple of Purgation is the fourth map to contain weather effects: it's raining slightly and a faint mist is pouring down from the tree tops. The other Maps with weather effects are Treatment Theatre, Mother's Dwelling and Mount Ormond Resort.
  5. THE PURGATION () 1hr26min Tiffany Kieu & Kat Johnston When young friends use the remains of an asylum as a setting for their horror movie, they discover real horrors inside. Years later one of the childhood friends returns to confront the evil plaguing her & the others/5(36).
  6. The Purgation - () – Color – Not Rated - Tiffany Kieu, Kat Johnston, Kate Dauphin, Tom Walsh. Iris thinks she's going crazy. To stay sane, she must confront her past by revisiting the site of a childhood trauma - the old county asylum. Ashes - () – Color – Not Rated - Brian Krause, Kadeem Hardison, Richard Gant, Barbara Nedeljakova.
  7. Purgation Isle [27, 83] is an island south of the shores of Hillsbrad Foothills, in a shape of a towering spiral. The island has a mysterious, unknown history. It is haunted by ghosts of renegade paladins, monks, mages and priests that for some reason are condemned and cannot find peace in death. It seems that Kormok is the cause of the isles ghosts as it is said that he delighted in summoning.

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